Fitness & Non Toxic Lifestyle Lover

I love the movement of the body, the way it is designed to move through exercise!

I also love the way proper nutrition and non toxic personal care products can make you feel better about facing the day ahead!

About Me

I have always been learning anything I can about fitness and nutrition. I knew that what you put into your body affects how your body functions. I even passed a couple of courses in these areas but never took it any further than that.

I started thinking that maybe what you use on your hair, skin & face and maybe even the products around your house, can also have an effect on your well-being.

I made it mission to find non-toxic products that align with me, and I have been able to convert more of my household products to better align with my wellness lifestyle.  As a result I have started sharing these amazing products with my friends, family and amazing followers.

I will always be passionate about fitness and wellness, and love that I can help more people have access to affordable quality non toxic products.

I also love that for those that have the passion that I do, that they can take it to the next level and I can help them create a thriving additional income.

Hence why Melsbodysquad was born!


Owner of Mels Body Squad

Clean Living Ambassador

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Are you friendly, passionate about making changes for the better and looking for a business opportunity? Then why not consider becoming a Brand Ambassador

What do you get?

  • Full Training
  • Starting at 25-30% commission on every sale
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