Do you want your own a-ha moment?

For Jennifer H, that moment was the moment she couldn’t play with her kids without running out of breath.⠀

She realised that she HAD to make a change for herself and her family.⠀

Learn more about her incredible journey in her own words…⠀

Jennifer’s Life, Before⠀

My weight has always been something I have struggled to get under control.⠀

After having two children, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped working out, and I pretty much gave up hope that I would ever be in shape again.⠀

When I couldn’t play on the floor with my children without being completely out of breath just from sitting down, I knew I needed a change.⠀

November 12, 2018, was the heaviest I have ever been: 256 pounds.⠀

In one year, I lost 110 pounds, 9 sizes, and 18 inches off my waist!⠀

I have more energy, I feel stronger, toned, and I look forward to working out — which I never thought was possible!⠀

I dreaded going to the gym; I would get anxiety at the thought of walking into a gym at 256 pounds thinking everyone was going to judge and laugh at me.⠀

With BOD, I was able to dress in comfortable clothes in the privacy of my own house and not feel like I had to hide.⠀

I love that there are modifiers; when I first started, I couldn’t imagine doing a burpee!⠀

The fact that there was someone doing a modified version of it to help me get through and complete the workout was so encouraging.⠀

The challenge groups are people focused on one goal, following one specific program, and encouraging and empowering each other. It doesn’t get better than that!⠀

Energize helps me power through every workout — without it, I wouldn’t be able to get through my workouts some days!⠀

Jennifer’s Life, After⠀

One year ago, I was wearing a size 22 pant and so depressed about how I felt and looked.⠀

I’m able to play with my boys in the park and run around with them. I feel comfortable in my own skin now and I don’t feel the need to cover up at the beach anymore.⠀

I go into a dressing room and I’m excited to try clothes on because for the first time in a long time I am a size 8!⠀

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Mel’s Body Squad is a healthy way to get the results you want.

Whether its fat loss, health, fitness or improve your lifestyle we can tailor a program to suit you and your families needs.

We work with a superfood nutrition product which impacts the body in a positive way, we also have amazing performance products. All of which can be added to your nutritional program.

Optional, each person is personally mentored, added to a support group and gets weekly check ins to see how we can improve on your journey.

We work in a way that doesn’t strip you from enjoying the things in life but more enjoy living 80% with good clean fun meals and 20% of the time more relaxed.

The whole family can get involved in our programs if you want.

“Strong” and “healthy” is going to look different on everyone and that’s something that we as women, need to remember. Ladies, everyBODY is different and everybody’s journey with health and fitness is going to be different.

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I HONESTLY believe that to be true. Stop comparing yourself to other people, some people might look at me and see a large chest and a big bum and not want my body, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I WANT my body and I LOVE my body and at the end of the day that’s what matters most.

Let’s EMBRACE and accept our bodies for everything they are and stop worrying about everything they’re not.